Mass uploading your events

To mass upload events to your dashboard and calendar:

1. Log in to your calendar’s dashboard at

2. Click on the “Import Events” button to open the Mass Upload tool.


3. Click the "Open Spreadsheet Template" button that links to a Google Sheet template.

4. Click "Make a copy" on the window that opens.

5. Fill out the spreadsheet with your events.

  • The date field accepts almost any format but keep in mind that it will interpret a date like 10/01/2017 as October 10th, 2017, and not January 10th, 2017.

6. Download the Google Sheet as a CSV file.

7. Go back to the Mass Upload window and click "Next".

8. Select the category you would like to import your events to from the dropdown.

  • Note: The category must already exist in your calendar. If you want to upload events to a category that does not yet exist, first create the category from the user dashboard.

9. Select the time zone you would like to import your events to.

  • Note: By default, the time zone is selected to your local time zone from the dropdown.

10. Click "Choose File" and choose the CSV file you just downloaded from Google Sheets.

If the Mass Upload tool noticed any issues with your file, it will report them at this point. You can then fix the errors and upload again.


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