Embedding an Add-to-Calendar Button

Stanza's Add-to-Calendar button can be embedded on any website to share calendars from sports, esports, music, entertainment, and more. By clicking the button, your fans can sync that calendar’s events to their personal devices. The button works with Google, iCal (Apple), Exchange (Outlook Live), Outlook, Yahoo & more.

Stanza’s button is live-updating. Any event changes are automatically reflected in the end users' personal calendars, in real time.


To embed Stanza’s Add-to-Calendar button, head over to: www.stanza.co/stanzacal/builder

1. Search for a button to embed (e.g. Warriors, Ultra, Movies)

2. Once you have selected the calendar button you will be embedding, checkmark the “Just the Add-to-Calendar button” option on the right

3. Customize the color, size, language, category, and ticker preference (# of subscribers) for your Add-to-Calendar button. You will see the code dynamically change in the box below

4. Add the <a> tag to the section of the page where you would like your button to appear

5. Add the <script> tag to the head section of your website


 Add-to-Calendar Button FAQ

1) Why is my Button not showing up? Why am I only seeing an Add-to-Calendar hyperlink that is taking users to my StanzaCal?  

Please confirm that the  <script> tag has been added to the head section of your website. If you have confirmed that the <script> is on the page and you are still experiencing the same issue, please email us at help@stanza.co

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