Embedding a Specific StanzaCal

Our StanzaCal product is a timeline of future & past events that is live on hundreds of publishers’ sites. StanzaCal makes it possible for fans to discover content and events, get additional information, access relevant links, buy event tickets, and subscribe to receive live updates in their devices. StanzaCal also offers opportunities for monetization via contextual ads and affiliate links.


To embed StanzaCal, head over to: https://www.stanza.co/stanzacal/builder

1. Search for a StanzaCal to embed (e.g. Warriors, Ultra, Movies).

2. Customize your StanzaCal’s layout (vertical, horizontal, full-page) and the category you would like to embed (e.g. home games). You will see the code update in the code box below.

3. Copy the code and add it into your page where you want your StanzaCal to appear.


StanzaCal FAQs: 

1) Why is my StanzaCal not showing up?

Please confirm the following:

  • Confirm the script is added to the page. You can test this by opening the JavaScript console in Chrome (Ctrl + Shift + J for Windows, Command + Option + J for Mac), typing in “StanzaCal,” and pressing enter. You should get a result.

An example of a page with the StanzaCal script:


An example of a page without the StanzaCal script:


  • Confirm there is StanzaCal markup on the page:
  • Open the Chrome JavaScript console as we did in step 1, and type in ”document.getElementsByClassName('stanzacal').length ? 'StanzaCal found' : 'StanzaCal not found'

An example of a page with StanzaCal markup:


An example of a page without StanzaCal markup:


If you have confirmed steps 1 and 2 and are still experiencing issues, please email us at help@stanza.co.


Examples of an embedded StanzaCal: 

Penguins - Ticketing Page 

Jumbo Shrimp - Articles

Star Wars News Net - Homepage

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