Adding Events Directly to iCal (Apple Calendar)

*This option is not a live update. If there are any game time or location changes it will not update on your calendar. By doing this you will be able to update and remove specific events.

Please follow these instructions for adding a calendar directly to iCal (Apple Calendar):

  1. Go to our main page:
  2. When you land on the Stanza homepage you will see a “Search for StanzaCals” at the bottom of your browser page
  3. Type the calendar you want to add directly to your calendar and hit enter on your keyboard
  4. Select the StanzaCal you are looking to add. (You may have to scroll down the browser page to see results)
  5. Click the “Add to Calendar” action button
  6. Select the category you are looking to add
  7. Select the "Other" label, this will download a .ics file on your computer
  8. Next open your iCal on your computer
  9. At the top of your screen click "File"
  10. In the drop down menu select "Import"
  11. In your downloads folder select the .ics file you downloaded from
  12. Click "Import"
  13. Select the calendar you want the events to appear on and click "OK"
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