Removing an Event from the Dashboard

Please follow these instructions for removing an event from the dashboard:

  1. Head to our main page:
  2. When you land on the Stanza homepage you will see a "Sign In" option in the top right corner. Select "Sign In"
  3. Sign in to your account
  4. Once signed in, you will be taken your dashboard. About halfway down the page you will see all of your events you have added
  5. Select the white box next to any event you want to remove, you can select as many as you want
  6. In the row where you can "Import Events" or "Add New Event" you will see a trashcan image with a number next to it. This number represents the amount of events you have chosen. Click the trashcan image
  7. In the popup window select "Delete"

This event will be removed from your list of events and the calendars of those subscribed.

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