Syncing a Calendar with iCal (Apple Calendar)

Please follow these instructions for syncing a calendar with iCal (Apple Calendar):

  1. Head to our main page:
  2. When you land on the Stanza homepage you will see a "Search for StanzaCals" at the bottom of your browser page
  3. Type the calendar you want to sync with and hit enter on your keyboard
  4. Select the StanzaCal you are looking to add. (You may have to scroll down the browser page to see results)
  5. Click the "Add to Calendar" action button
  6. Select the category you are looking to add
  7. Select the "Apple" label
  8. A pop-up will appear asking if you would like to "Open Calendar?", please click "Open Calendar"
  9. This will take you to iCal, where it will ask if you would like to subscribe to the calendar. Please click "Subscribe"
  10. Once you click subscribe a new pop-up in iCal will show you some info about what you subscribed to, please click "Ok"
  11. The schedule will now be added to your personal iCal!

Please see video for visual instructions:

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    Andile Sibusiso

    My iPad seems to not want to sync an event...
    Lakers schedule

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    E Kennedy

    Tried twice, but PSU football calendar wouldn't sync with iPad -  iOS 10.3 🙁


    UPDATE: tried syncing from home page and it worked! Didn't work when tried to sync using link on PSU sports' home page (

    Edited by E Kennedy
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