What's the story behind Stanza?

Our founder, Smita, worked in investment banking prior to creating Stanza. Yoga was her way of staying sane, and every weekend she would manually enter the classes into her calendar, a klutzy process that had to be done on desktop. 

Of course, despite her best efforts, there were times when she’d show up to a class and it had either been cancelled, the instructor had been subbed, or she'd missed the sign-up and it was full. This happened often enough for Smita to wonder why yoga studios didn’t have an Add-to-Calendar button that would sync classes with her personal calendar, offer links if sign-up was required, and push updates that she'd receive immediately.

Like our founder, we all feel the pain of not being in control of our own time. Events that land on our calendars are static, when in the real world - they're always changing. Calendars can also be a technical pain (time-zones, DST, multiple devices, etc.), and our options are... limited at best:

  • Google Calendar - too technical for the average person; a product built for the 90s.
  • Facebook Events - doesn't work for anything as frequent as a yoga class schedule.
  • Nothing works on mobile - pinching to zoom is a headache. 

This disjunct between calendar technology and real life isn't unique to the field in which our founder encountered it. From small organizations, like yoga studios, swim clubs, and PTAs, to much larger organizations, like college athletics, NFL teams, big retailers, and travel companies - it is everyone's gap to bridge. 

That's where Smita and her team stepped in. We built a simple and elegant solution - Stanza - to beat as the living connection between people and the events that make up their everyday lives.

To date, Stanza has synced ~96 million events to calendars across the world.

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