Syncing with Exchange

To sync with Exchange:

1. Go to Timeline.

2. Hit the blue "Add-to-Calendar" button.

3. Chose the Category you'd like to subscribe to.

4. Select "Exchange."

5. A pop-up will appear letting you know that the events are being synced with your calendar.

5. "View Now" in the pop-up window takes you to your Exchange Calendar. You may need to refresh it before the events will appear.

Here's a demo video on how to sync with Exchange:

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    Jim Barbera

    Never works - trying to sync from NHL team

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    TJ Kroll

    Syncing to Exchange or O365 calendar doesn't work for any of the teams that have their schedules through you guys. Heck, not even the .ics file works with this calendar and I've been able to import .ics calendar files before.

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