Embed in a Constant Contact email

1. In Constant Contact, go into the template that you'll be using to create your email. Make sure to select an image block on the left hand side of the page and drag it to the area where you'd like for the Add-to-Calendar button to be. 

Once it's there click on the empty blue image where the arrow points:

2. It will open a window with two tabs at the top. Make sure you select the one that says "Image URL." Then copy and paste "http://dff2h0hbfv6w4.cloudfront.net/images/button/button-large.png" into that area and click "Preview."

You should see your image displayed on the preview screen and then click "Insert" on the bottom right-hand corner. That should take you back to the main editor page.

3. Click on the Add-to-Calendar image and you'll receive a little box (as seen in the next screenshot) where you can add your link to your button popup, and then click Done: 


NOTE: To get your link to your button popup - sign in to your dashboard. Click on the Add-to-Calendar button in the banner. 

Copy the URL in the popup. It should be formatted as follows https://www.stanza.co/button/launch.... :


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