Embed StanzaCal in a Facebook Page

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account (personal account with admin access)
  2. Make sure you’re a registered ‘app developer’
  3. Create a new Facebook app called “Calendar”
  4. Head over to “Create new Facebook App ID,” select the Category option, and click “Create App ID”
  5. Go to Settings, Click “+ Add Platform,” select Facebook Canvas and paste the following link with your Stanza shortname (found in your calendar’s URL): https://stanza.co/timeline/SHORTNAME?embed=true&facebook=true
  6. Set Fixed Width to “Yes” and Fixed Height to “No.”
  7. Click “+Add Platform” => Select Page Tab and paste the same link in the Secure Page Tab URL: https://stanza.co/timeline/SHORTNAME?embed=true&facebook=true
  8. Customize your Page Tab Name (will be displayed publicly) and click Save Changes
  9. Edit and copy the URL below (unique App ID + Stanza shortname) and paste it in your browser: http://www.facebook.com/dialog/pagetab?app_id=123456789&next=https://stanza.co/timeline/SHORTNAME?embed=true&facebook=true 
  10. Once the page loads, select your organization’s Facebook page from the dropdown
  11. Click “Add Page Tab”
  12. You’re all set. If you head over to your organization’s Facebook page, you should see the customized Page Tab Name in the list of options



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